The Operas

“The finest and most perfect work that has ever flowed from my pen.”

In 1852, when he wrote that, Wagner had not yet written a note of music for The Ring, but he believed already, just from the text, that it would be something unique and unsurpassable.

And he was right, beyond his wildest dreams. Wagner’s Ring has become one of the lasting pillars of Western civilisation. Wagner devoted nearly thirty years of his life to creating it and bringing it to the stage. He wrote the text, composed the music, and badgered the King of Bavaria into sponsoring it. Eventually, at the age of sixty-three, he even had a theatre built just for the performance of this work.

Heath Lees has spent his life playing and studying Wagner, and now for the first time he puts his vast knowledge of The Ring into four DVDs where he draws all the gestures and connections out of the music, so that the viewer can see and hear how Wagner created this extraordinary work.